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TCDD Statistics

The statistical data given here below are from the World Bank Railway Database. In the case of Turkey, these data are gathered from the Annual Report published by TCDD. These data are preliminary meant for economic studies but they give some insight about the size and scale of TCDD. The data are reported since 1980 and this gives the long term trends at TCDD.

Download here World Bank data for TCDD, years 1980 to 2007 (Excel format)

Download hereTCDD 2007 Annual Report in Turkish (large file: 5 Mb)

We did not cross check these numbers with all the data reported elsewhere in this site, therefore some inconsistency may arise.

2007 data :

World Bank Data
Route km (1435mm Gauge)8 697
Route km - Electrified1 920
Total Locomotives534
Steam Locomotives (1)50 (1)
Main Line Diesel Locomotives467
Main Line Electric Locomotives67
MU Passenger Fleet135
Passenger Coaches860
Freight Wagons15 384
Total Passengers (000)81 260
Passenger-Kilometers (000 000)5 536
Freight Tons (000 000)20,85
Freight Ton-km (000 000)9 755

(1) Museum engines, not used in normal operations.

2005 data :

World Bank Data
Staff30 991
Diesel Locomotive Availability (%)82
Average Lead, Freight (km)479
Average Lead, Passenger (km)66
Freight ton-km per Wagon (000)564
Employee Productivity455
Employee per km of Line3.56
Ratio of Passenger Fares to Freight Rates0.81
Traffic Density (000 of TU per km)1 623
Coach Productivity (000 of Pkm per Coach +MU)4 453
Wagon Productivity (000 of ton-km per Wagon)564