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Edirne Karaağaç

The CO concession specifically provided for a major station to be built in Edirne, a major Turkish once an Ottoman capital and always favored with the best architecture. Therefore, a large building, very similar to Sirkeci was built by the CO in 1890. But to avoid a bridge on the Meriç Nehri (also known as Maritza or Marika river) river, the CO placed the station on the opposite bank to the city of Edirne.

After first the Lausanne treaty (see the history section), the border was placed along the river, except for a bit of land around the station, which remained Turkish. This lasted for about 50 years until a new line to Bulgaria was opened bypassing Greek territory in 1971. At this point, TCDD opened a new station on the right bank of the Meriç Nehri and abandoned the fine Karaağaç station. The sation is now used as the administrative building of Trakya Universitesi.

Edirne Karaagaç

Edirne Karaagaç: formely trackside of the building. July 2002. Picture Christopher Collier-Wright

Edirne Karaagaç

Edirne Karaagaç: street side of the building. July 2002. Photo Christopher Collier-Wright