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Going through mountains, the network has numerous tunnels. As a tribute to great tunneling in Turkey, we place herewith the list of the tunnels over 2km in Anatolia. They are all single track, but some of them have a very large clearance.

RegionLength (m)Km fromKm toLineNearest Start StationNearest End Station
45 367  Tecer KangalTecer (*)Yeni Kangal
64 906500,965505,871Adana FevzipaşaAyranFevzipaşa
63 795299,371303,165Konya AdanaBelemedikHacıkırı
23 507142,512146,019Irmak ZonguldakSumucak (**)Göllüce
62 102303,582305,683Konya AdanaBelemedikHacıkırı
52 257120,848123,105Yolcatı TatvanGökdereEkerek
42 0731294,2321296,306Sivas KarsAşitSarıkamış

(*) Tunnel inaugurated in October 2012 on a new alignment on the Sivas Erzurum line. (**) This tunnel is also known as "Batibeli" tunnel.

Other long tunnels

RegionLength (m)Km fromKm toLineNearest Start StationNearest End Station
 1 003  Izmir DenizliSelcukÇamlık

In total, TCDD has 763 tunnels for a cumulative length of 180km (source 2007 TCDD annual report). Besides the 6 tunnels listed above, 20 tunnels are above 1km length.


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