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TCDD car numbering

TCDD uses two car numberings:

  • TCDD internal identification
  • the UIC number (TCDD being a UIC member)

Following common practice, the car numbers are painted on all the cars, in the middle of the car sidewalls.

TCDD identification

TCDD car numbering scheme was inherited from Compagnie Internationale de Wagon-Lits which was a big operator in Turkey. The passenger cars are identified by a combination letters reflecting the car main characteristics.

A1st class
B2nd class
DLuggage car
WRDinner car
WSPPullman car
WLSleeping car
lpublic address system (speaker)
m26,4 m length from buffer to buffer


  • WLA: 1st class sleeping cars.
  • Bc: second class couchette

Special case:

  • The WSP Pullman car are 1st class, therefore there is no need to use the A letter.

UIC numbers

UIC 1969 numbering systems will not be detailed here since it is well documented on Internet. TCDD code is 75.

The TVS2000 take 61 for the international utilization mode (the first two numbers of 1969 UIC numbering system). This code states an Eurocity coach. For TVS2000, this only means that the cars conform to speed and comfort standards of Eurocity coaches (mostly air conditioning). Now, let’s go for detail on TVS2000 stock as the starting point of introduction of TCDD passenger stock.