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Do you want to know more?

Finding more information is difficult. Very few modern documents have been published and TCDD does not provide easily information.

The Internet is currently the best source about Turkish railway, even regarding timetable. We propose a list of recommended sites. This list includes a few sites about neighbors and some rail directories.

We recommended also a list of books published in English, French, German and Turkish. All of these books are unfortunately out of print. However, some of them can be purchased second hand quite easily.

"Demiryol" magazine

There is currently no magazine dedicated to Turkish rail. Occasional articles published by foreign magazine are not listed.

Demiryol magazine was published by TCDD from 1951 to 1969, twice a month, but with many monthly "double issue". This magazine had a general interest section for the railway men and their familes. But the magazine had also a specific rail related section. Second hand copies of this magazine are near to impossible to find.