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Passenger rolling stock

First it is necessary to state that classifying the TCDD rolling stock is not easy. Although there is a wide variety of cars if every single detail is taken into account, many types have do not have very big differences. We use some logic to classify the cars, and just as the other information given in this site, this classification only reflects the opinion of the authors, the official classification of TCDD may not be the same as this.

The best way to introduce the passenger cars of the Anatolia region is first dividing them into two groups: TVS2000 and non-TVS2000 cars. The European side (Sirkeci Kapıkule line) has somewhat different properties and requires further observation and research, this will be done as soon as possible. TVS2000’s are new built luxury coaches of TCDD.

Freight cars

Works cars

TCDD has a collection of picturesque cars, seen in many stations. This page is portrait gallery of some example