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Jean-Patrick Charrey


  • Webmaster of www.trainsofturkey.com
  • Administrator of this Wiki
  • Author of many pages, in particular the History section

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About me

My interest in Turkey arised when I was working there in 1991/1992. I was, at the time, part of the team in charge of the Divrigi Iskenderun railway electrification. I was then a junior engineer, in charge of technical coordination between the job sites and the design offices.

In these years, it was already too late to see regular live steam engines but TCDD still had the flavor of an old time railway, the kind of flavor that is encountered in branch lines in Western Europe. Then the network impressed me: a mountain network with steep gradients and adverse weather conditions. And a huge network: almost 2000 Km from Istanbul to Kars or Tatvan. Finally, I discovered that the Turkish railways had a rich history that ties to most of the key events of the 20th century and that was little known or researched, hence the idea of this site (more about site history here).

I currently have a full time job as Information Technology manager in a large multi-national company manufacturing and servicing elevators. This is quite far from railways. I work on this site only on my spare time; which can sometime be very minimal, at least not enough to dig out all available material.

I am French and I live in Paris, France. I return to Turkey every year for summer holidays near Bodrum. Each time I try to do one or two days of fieldwork, but this is difficult because Bodrum is not the best base for this!

My wife is Turkish and I would like to thank her for her for all the translation works, my Turkish being quite patchy. I also have two sons now drifting into their teenage years !

Trains of Turkey.com?

This website reflects my varied interest about railways. This as evolved as lot since I started train spotting in the late 1970s. As I grow old, I am more and more found of narrow gauge & industrial railways. At the moment, I more into the early history of railways that the present. I have also a strong interest in railway geography and I contribute a lot to www.Openstreetmap.org

Trains of Turkey.com is a very long term project. I have no plans to stop but I do hold updates for long periods from time to time. Thanks to this website, I had the opportunity to meet many great people with the a like minded interest for Turkish railways.

Railway Modelling

My past is in modelling: this is where it all started for me. I was given an HO toy train (Jouef, a French brand now part of the Hornby portfolio) that I liked very much. I did quite a lot of plastic models too, mostly boats but I always returned to trains. It is through modelling that I discovered the world of railways, to which I had otherwise no connection.

I was somewhat engaged into HO modelling until my college years. I stopped when I started a professional life, mostly because of lack a time. However, I always kept a strong interest for model railways.

Fast forward to presents days: I returned to toy trains, this time as a family activity I can do with my sons. We are now playing in IIm scale using LGB rolling stock. Given that the boys favourite game is to make train races ending in gigantic crashes, I have not yet invested too much effort in detailing.

Even though I don't really see myself as a modeller any more, I am quite proud to be an honorary (and distant) member of the first railway modeller club in Turkey.


Your webmaster posing in front of TGV set 325, the fastest train in the world at the time of the picture. Taken in October 2006, at Villeneuve Saint George depot. Photo A. Charrey

LGB Toy train

My younger son playing with our nimble toytrain from LGB. Nov 2006. Photo JP Charrey