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Elazıg station was built in 1934 almost at the same time as Malatya but it was less lucky. The builders chose to build there a plain building. The original the intent was to have the Malatya Diyarbakır main line go through Elazıg, and this city was to be the junction for another line to Van. But it turned out that the mountains and the lakes between Elazıg and Diyarbakır are difficult to cross and the junction was transferred to Yolçatı to reduce the costs.

In addition, the building of the line to Van was delayed and only a small branch line was built to reach Elazıg, hence the regular building. The line to Tatvan was finally built in 1964 and Elazıg station had to be enlarged. But the original building was kept and simply extended.

Elazig station

Original Elazig station most probably in 1934, the opening year. Col. G. Tunçbilek

Elazig station

View of the station building from the street, The trees in this spring shot provide a nice shadow for the building but not for the photographer. June 2001. Photo G. Tunçbilek

Elazig station

The same building from the trackside, June 2001, Photo G. Tunçbilek.