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45101 to 45115

  • Axle: 1'D
  • Total quantity: 15
  • First year: 1909
  • Manufacturer: Henschel
  • Ex CFOA
  • Probably out of service by 1956

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'D
Driving wheel dia1350 mm
Front bissel wheel diamm
Rear bissel wheel dian/a mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter600 mm
Piston stroke630 mm
Boiler pressure12 bar
Grate surface3,13 m2
Boiler pipe lengthm
Heating surface148,5 m2
Superheating surface40 m2
Overall lengthm
Fixed wheel base lengthm
Coupled wheel base lengthm
Overall wheel basem
Weight emptyT
Weight loaded69,6 T
Adhesion weight58,9 T
Load per driving wheel14,725 T
Max speedkm/h
Tractive effortT
Power (HP)HP

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