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For those interested in going deeper into their knowledge of Turkish railways, we give here below a list of reference books. Most of them are out of print but can still be obtained from specialized shops or libraries. Most of these books or documents have been used to make this site.

This list comprises only the books I could have access to and which have been used to prepare this site.

Unlike usual practices, the books are sorted by language and then by year of edition rather than by author's names

The books that I have not read nor used for this site, but are still relevant, are listed here.

Table of content

Reference Books

In English

  • The war and the Baghdad Railway; the story of Asia Minor and its relation to the present conflict.
    Morris Jastrow; Philadelphia; London, J.B. Lippincott Company, 1917; 160 p. front., plates, fold. map. 20 cm.
  • Turkey, The Great Powers, and the Baghdad Railway A Study in Imperialism
    Earle, Edward Mead, New York, NY MacMillan Co. 1924(c1923). xiii, 364 p. maps ; 20 cm.
  • Locomotives of Many Lands
    Peter Allen; The Locomotive Publishing Co. Ltd., London 1954
  • Grand European Expresses
    Behrend, George; George Allen & Unwin, London 1962
  • The steam locomotives of Eastern Europe
    Durrant A.E.; David and Charles; Newton Abbot, 1966, 160p; 19x25cm
  • Türkenhirsch, a study of Baron Maurice de Hirsch
    Grunwald, Kurt; Israel program for scientific translation, 1966
  • Train Ferries of Western Europe
    Ransome-Wallis P; London; Ian Allan, 1968.
  • Yatakli Wagon, Turkish Steam Travel,
    Behrend, George; Kelly, Vincent; Jersey Artists, 1969. [9], 259 p. illus., facsims., maps. 21 cm.
  • Population and Accessibility: An Analysis of Turkish Railroads
    Kolars, John; Malin, Henry J.; New York; American Geographical Society, Reprint from the Geographical Review, Volume LX, No. 2, 1970, Pages 229-246.
  • Railway development in the Ottoman Empire, 1856-1914
    Karkar, Yaqub N.; Vantage Press, Ann Arbor, 1972;
  • War Department Locomotives
    Tourret, R; Tourret publishing, 1976
  • Heavy Goods Engines of the War, vol 2, Stanier 8F
    Rowledge, J.W.P.; Springmead Railway books; 1977
  • United States Army Transportation Corps Locomotives
    Tourret R; Tourret Publishing; 1977
  • Steam in Turkey
    Talbot E., Continental Railway Circle, 1981,
  • Middle East Railways
    Hughes H., Continental Railways Circle, 1981
  • Luxury Trains: From the Orient Express to the TGV
    Behrend George, Vendome Press; 1982; ISBN 0-86565-016-0. (US version)
  • The railway of Palestine and Israel
    Cotterel, Paul; Touret Publishing, 1983
  • Hedjaz Railway
    Tourret R; Tourret Publishing; 1989
  • Steaming East, the forging of steamship and rail links between Europe and Asia
    Searight, Sarah; The Bodley Head, 1991.
  • The German class 52 "Kriegslok"
    Slaughter, Peter; Sensvalls, Franck; 1996
  • Venice Simplon Orient Express
    Sherwood, Shirley; 4th edition; Motor Books Int.; 1996
  • Ron Jarvis, From Midland compound to the HST
    Chacksfield, J.E.; The Oakwood Press, 2004
  • World Rail Atlas, Vol 8, the Middle East and Caucasus
    Robinson, Neil, 2006.

In French

  • Rapport sur l'Exploitation du chemin de fer de Smyrne à Gusel Hisar Aïdin
    Goschler, Charle; Caratheodory, Constantin; Fradet, Octave, Acton Griffith, 1874
  • De Paris à Constantinople, Hongrie, Balkan, Asie Mineure
    Sous la direction de Marcel Moncharché; Les Guides Bleus, Edition Hachette, Paris, re-édition de 1923 de l'édition originale de 1912 "avant-guerre"
  • Les chemins de fer en Turquie et la politique ferroviaire turque
    Conker Orhan; Paris, Librairie de Recueil Sirey, société anonyme, 1935; 3 p. l., 192 p. incl. illus. (maps) tables. 25 cm.
  • Construction des lignes de Chemins De Fer Irmak - Filyos & Fevzipasa - Diyarbekir.
    Groupe Suedo - Danois; Goteborg & Copenhague: Nydquist & Holm Etc. 1937 Bi-Lingual Publication (French/Danish); 3 p. l., 15-209 p. illus. (1 col.) plates (part fold.); maps (part fold.) diagrs. 31 cm.
  • La politique ferroviaire en Turquie
    Direction Générale de la Presse; Matbuat umum müdürlügü; Ankara, L'Imprimerie d'état, 1941; 72 p. illus., fold. maps. 24 cm.
  • Les Chemins de fer en Syrie et au Liban
    Elefteriades, Eleutheris; Beirut; 1944
  • Histoire de la Traction Electrique, tome 2, de 1940 à nos jours
    Machefert Tassin, Yves; Nouvion Fernand; Woimant, Jean; Edition la Vie du Rail, 1986, Paris
  • L'Orient Express
    Caracalla, Jean-Paul; des Cars, Jean; Denoël; 1988
  • L'Orient Express, Le voyage à Constantinople
    Collet, Emanuel; Snoek-Ducaju & Zoo; 1998
  • L'Aventure de la Malle des Indes
    Caracalla, Jean-Paul; Denoël; 1996
  • Smyrne et L'Occident. De l'Antiquité au XXIème siècle
    Kontente, Léon, Yveline Edition, 2005

In German

  • Dampf unterm Halmond, die letzen Jahre des Dampfbetriebes in der Türkei
    Bickel, Benno; Koch, Karl-Wilhelm;Schmidt, Florian; Röhr Verlag; 1987
  • Expresszüge im Vorderen Orient. Ein Jahrhundert Eisenbahnen unter dem Halbmond.
    Sölch, Werner: Düsseldorf 1989.
  • 150 Jahre Schienenfahrzeuge aus Nürnberg
    Uebel, Lutz; Richter Wolfgang; Eisenbahn Kurier Verlag; 1994
  • Deutsche Schienen in osmanischem Boden. Eine virtuelle Reise mit der Anatolischen und Bagdadbahn durch Geschichte, Wahrnehmungen, Raum und Zeit
    Civelli, Jgnaz; Grin-Verlag; ISBN 978-3-640-59495-5; Paperback; Zofingen, Zug 2010; 2nd ed.

In Turkish

  • Buhar lokomotifi Bilgisi
    DRG Niederstrasser, translation: Kaya, Nazif; Alsancak, Demiryollar Matbaasi, 1944, 410p
  • Demiryolu üstyapı tekniği ve münthanilerin tersim cetvelleri
    Berke, Osman, Alsancak, Demiryollar Matbaasi, 1944,
  • Türkiye Demiryollarinda Tarihi Olaylar
    Işıksaçan Mustafa, Demiryol Dergisi Yayınlarından, Ankara, 1963
  • Tramvay Istanbul'da
    Gülersoy, Çelik; Esentepe, Levent, Istanbul Istanbul Kitaplığı, Kitapçılık ve Tic., 1989; 244 p. ill. (some col.), col. map ; 28 cm.
  • Rumeli demiryolları
    Dr. Vahdettin Engin; Beyoglu, Istanbul Eren Yayıncılık ve Kitapçılık, 1993; 303 p. ill., maps ; 25 cm.
  • Dersaadet'ten Istanbul'a tramway
    Kayserilioğlu, Sertaç 22cm x 31,5 cm, IETT, Istanbul
    Volume 1: 1998, 220p, covers the 1871 - 1911 horse drawn tramway period,
    Volume 2: 1999, 280p, covers the 1911 - 1966 electric tramway period,
  • Demiryolundan petrole Chester Projesi (1908-1923)
    Can, Bilmez Bülent; Tarih Vafki Yurt Yayinları; Istanbul, 2000, 410p
  • Hicaz Demiryolu
    Özüksel, Murat; Tarih Vafki Yurt Yayinları; Istanbul, 2000, 312p
  • Mütareke ve Kurtuluş Savaşı Başlangıç Dönemlerinde Türk Demiryolları, Yapısal Ekonomik Sorunlar (1918 - 1920)
    Özdemir, Mehmet; T.C. Kültür Başkanlığı, Kültür eserleri, 2001

Pictures and travel reports

In English

  • The twilight of world steam
    Ziel, Ron; Eagleson, Mike; Grosset and Dunlap; 1973
    A classic photographic account about the steam engines still in action around the world in the early 1970's. About 15 black and white pictures and 2 color pictures are about TCDD.
  • The Great Railway Bazaar: by Train trough Asia
    Theroux, Paul; Hamish Hamilton, 1975
    This book is about the author trip from London to China and back by rail in the early 1970's. On the way out, Paul Theroux took the Direct Orient Express to Istanbul, then he traveled across Anatolia to Iran. An interesting account at a time where the Orient Express upper class travelers gave way to immigrants workers and beatniks going to Katmandu.
  • A pictorial treasury of classic steam trains
    Huxtable, Nils; Bison Books Ltd, London, 1989
    A collection of steam engine pictures, taken all over the world. About half a dozen black and white pictures of TCDD steam locomotives, very high quality printing.
  • Heavy Metal
    Bambery, George; Holdsworth, Malcolm; Kingsford-Smith, Robert; Cadeco, 1994
    This is the first book of this trio of Autralian photographers. They traveled the world from the 1970s in search of photographic excellence of steam locos. Many shots were taken in Turkey and are beautifully printed in this book.
  • Steam on 4 continents, part III, Asia (vol1)
    Halsbeck, Gunter; Wardale, David; Verlag Halsbeck, 1999; 128p, 28x22 cm; German and English
    The first chapter of the third volume of this series of books is about Turkey. The book is a collection of colors pictures from various photographers, all about steam engines. Turkey is covered by about 30 pictures taken in the 1980's.
  • Famous last lines 2
    Kinsford-Smith, Robert; Cadeco, 1999
    This is a series of book compiling the best pictures of a group of Australian photographers. The fifth chapter of tome 2 is dedicated to the Zonguldak line. There are about twenty colors pictures of steam action taken along the line in the 1970's. The pictures are depicting mostly "skyliners", working in snow covered landscape as most of the shots were taken in winter.
  • Yet there isn't a train I wouldn't take
    Middleton Willian D.; Indiana University Press; Bloomington; 2000
    This book is a reprint of the author's best rail travel reports. These travels took place from 1950 to 1980. The most fascinating story is a report in 1959 about a footplate experience on an M4 1'D'D2 Yellowstone type, pulling a 16 000 tones iron ore train on the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway. The author relates also its experience on the Orient Express in 1962, the Ankara Express and on the Taurus Express, both in 1961. About 15 pictures black and white pictures are about Turkey.
  • Vanishing Steam, a photographer odyssey around the world
    Langhammer, Eric; Harry N. Abrams Inc. publishers, New-York, 2002
    A fascinating collection of the last steam engines in action all over the world, from the 1980 to the end of the 1990. The pictures are mostly about Asia and especially China. About half a dozen pictures are about Turkey.

In French

  • Les dernières locomotives à vapeur d'Europe
    Bouillin P.; 1978; Self edited
    The author best pictures of steam action in Europe in the 1970's. There are about 20 color pictures about TCDD, including an interresting picture of a 45000 shunting wagons out of the ferry in Tatvan in 1977.

In German

  • Turkish Steam. Unter Stern und Halbmond: dampflokomotiven in der Türkei
    Schnell, Rainer; Schweim, Ulrich; Verlag Eisenbahn; Villigen Schweiz; 1976, ISBN 3 85649 030 2
    About 130 black and white pictures taken all over Turkey in 1974. Nearly all the engines classes are shown as well as a few diesel pictures. The pictures are perfectly done, putting emphasis on the motive power rather than the scenery.

In Turkish

  • İstanbul'dan Medine'ye bir tarih belgeseli: Hicaz Demiryolu, Fotograf albümü
    Akyüz, Orman; Aksay, Mustafa; Erten, Ömer Faruk, Albaraka Türk, İstanbul 1999.
    About 200 pictures, of which about 100 are in Turkey, mostly in colors. The book depicts railway landmarks between Istanbul and Medina (via Afyon, Konya, Adana, Alep). All along the book, begining of the century pictures alternate with modern ones.
  • Demiryol Tren Çağı, Iron Track Age of the train
    Yapi Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık, 2003
    This book is the catalogue of an exhibition held in Istanbul in March May 2003. It is printed on high quality paper and in fully in colors. The text is both in Turkish and English. Most of the materials shown are from the TCDD Ankara museum and therefore the book could very well be used as a catalogue of this museum as well. As such, it is filling a void since the museum is not even providing a color leaflet.

Other publication and magazines

In English

  • The trains of Turkey
    William D. Middleton, Trains Magazine, April 1970
  • Steam travel and photography forty years ago
    A.E. Durrant, Locomotives International, n°31 February 1996 and n°32 April 1996.
  • The Current Turkish Scene
    John Peakman, Locomotives International, n°50, July August 1999, p22 to 25.
  • Steam in Turkey, a short photographic survey of past glories
    Lynch, P. J; Continental Modeler; December 2001 (4 pages)

In French

  • Revue Jeumont E8000
    Jan-Mar 1956
  • Nouvelles Ferroviaires Françaises "DE24000"
  • Nouvelles Ferroviaires Française "E40000"
  • Turquie: vapeur 1979; relation d'un voyage effectué en août 1979.
    Poggi, Jean-Louis; Chemins de fer, n°337 1979/4; August 1979, page 180 to 193.
  • Turquie: vapeur 1982. De Gray à Gray par les bords de la mer Noire, ou la vapeur retrouvée.
    Poggi, Jean-Louis; Frybourg, Jean-Marc; Tesson, Jean-Louis; Chemins de fer, n°354 1982/3; June 1982, page 135 to 140.

In German

  • Fern-Express "Türkei", n°68, 4/2000
    Oboth Christoph; Gussmann Carsten; Romen Peter; Hille Mathias; Röhr Verlag


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