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56911 to 56918

  • Axle: 1'E
  • Total quantity: 8
  • First year: 1926/27
  • Corpet-Louvet


In 1920, the only modern power the SCP had was a batch of 10 compounds 2'C (TCDD 35001) built for the opening of the Bandırma branch in 1911. But the compound mechanism was difficult to maintain due to lack of skilled manpower. All the other units were outdated engines from the 19's century. Therefore, the SCP placed several orders for new engines, including this single expansion 1'E supplied by Corpet Louvet.

Corpet Louvet is a manufacturer that was specialized in narrow gauge engine. It seems that this standard gauge Decapod is the only one of this kind to have been built by this manufacturer. The reasons why Corpet Louvet was chosen are not known. No doubt that the economic factor was the main driver and the price offered by Corpet Louvet was good.

The experience of Corpet Louvet at making lightweight engines must have been useful. This Decapod is only 13,5T per axle, a perfect value for the lightly built lines around Izmir. The 56911 is otherwise a modern engine, yet simple and reliable. It had all the desirable equipment for the time: feed water heater, slide valves, large cylinder, Crampton firebox and superheating. These engines proved very good and stayed into service until the diesels took over well into the 1980's. 

Engine numbering

Corpet Louvet factorySCPTCDD before 1940TCDD after 1940
1705 to 171281 to 8856011 to 5601856911 to 56918


56913 Uşak  Depot. 6th June 1955

56913 Uşak Depot. 6th June 1955. Photo Alan Swale

56916 İzmir  Halkapınar. 15th December 1955

56916 İzmir Halkapınar. 15th December 1955. Photo Alan Swale


56912 (1706/1926) heads the 9h35 mixed from Izmir to Denizli on the steep climb from Selcuk to Çamlık. Photo Paul Riley March 1976


56912 is coaled up at Çamlık after piloting the Izmir to Denizli mixed up from Selcuk. Photo Paul Riley March 1976


56912 heads the Denizli to Izmir mixed struggling on the climb from Ortaklar to Çamlık, the weather having turned very wet following the dry conditions for her outward trip the previous day. Photo Paul Riley, March 1976.


56911 leaves Izmir Alsancak station. 6 March 1977. Photo Robin Lush


56911 leaving Izmir Alsancak 7 March 1977. Photo Robin Lush


56918 ex SCP 88 (Corpet Louvet 1926/1712); Izmir-Alsancak, 10th Mai 1977. Photo: Benno Bickel

56914 Çamlık museum, 1995, photo Peter Crush

56914 Çamlık museum, 1995, photo Peter Crush


56911 at Nazilli Train station. 23 November 2012. Photo Erdal Karakasoglu


56911 at Nazilli Train station. 23 November 2012. Photo Erdal Karakasoglu

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'E
Driving wheel dia1350 mm
Front bissel wheel dia800 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter630 mm
Piston stroke610 mm
Boiler pressure13 bar
Grate surface3,65 m2
Boiler pipe length4,51 m
Heating surface191,6 m2
Superheating surface65 m2
Weight empty69,5 T
Weight loaded76,5 T
Adhesion weight66 T
Load per driving wheel13,2 T
Max speed55 km/h
Tractive effort17,5 T
Power (HP)HP
Tender axle type3
Tender water capacity15 m3
Tender coal capacity7 T
Tender weight empty15 T
Tender weight loaded37 T
Engine + Tender
Loc + tender length18,125 m
Loc + tender weight113,5 T

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