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Industrial Railways

Due to it's late industrialization, Turkey had few insdustrial railways and industrial commodities and finished product were road hauled from the start. The most proeminents are all gathered around the coal and steel industry near Zonguldak. There, a network of meter gauge lines develloped at the end of the 19th century to carry coal from the mines down to the Black sea shore. Then standard gauge lines were laid, mostly around the mid 20th century when the steel industry was develloped in the area.

This document list privately owned railways (i.e. not TCDD) operated for industrial purpose. Military railways are not listed. Port and docks are not listed.

Ereğli Kömürleri lşletmesi (EKI)

EKI manage all the coal mines in the Ereğli - Zonguldak area. Consequently, it has several industrial lines at number of sites in the coal mining area. Some of these lines are no longer in operation. See in Railway Scene 4/1969 an article by Jeremy Wiseman about coal transportation on these lines.

NameOpenningClosingAprox. lengthGaugeDescription / Purpose / Rolling stock
Çatalağzı Colliery   Standard 
Çatalağzı Colliery NG about 1977 1000mmm 
Dolumu Colliery   600 mm? 
Közlü Colliery   600 mm 
Üzülmez Coke Ovens 1976 600 mm 
Üzülmez Colliery   600 mm 
Üzülmez Primary School19651965 600 mmCircular track laid. Loco worked for only four days in 1965. Track later removed
Zonguldak Docks   Standard 

Türkiye Demir ve Çelik Işletmeleri

Turkey National steel mills

NameOpenningClosingAprox. lengthGaugeDescription / Purpose / Rolling stock
Ülkü Steelworks   standardKarabük
Ereğli Demir ve Celik Fabrikaları (Steelworks)1953    
Iskenderun steelworks    Still active

Türkiye Şeker Fabrikaları (Sugar plants)

Turkey has a very large sugar beets productions, in many area of the country and consequently has a sugar several factories. However, the sugars beets are transported by road and these factories never had the extensive narrow gauge network often associated with this industry. At most, a small internal network and a spur to the main line can be found at theses sites.

NameOpenningClosingAprox. lengthGaugeDescription / Purpose / Rolling stock
Adapazarı Sugar Factory     
AIpullu Sugar Factory     
Amasya Sugar Factory    Suluova
Ankara Sugar Factory    Sincan
Burdur Sugar Factory     
Elazığ Sugar Factory     
Erzincan Sugar Factory     
Erzurum Sugar Factory     
Eskişehir Sugar Factory    Kaplica
Kayseri Sugar Factory    Keykubat
Konya Sugar Factory     
Kütahya Sugar Factory     
Malatya Sugar Factory     
Susurluk Sugar Factory     
Turhal Sugar Factory    Turhal; Ct Stephenson & Hawthorn n°7310 Newcastle
Uşak Sugar Factory     

Other industrial

NameOpenningClosingAprox. lengthGaugeLocationDescription / Purpose / Rolling stock
Ankara Gas Factory   StandardAnkara 
Amasya Özel İdaresi, Çeltek Kömür Madeni  28km?600 mm?SuluovaColliery
Barsan Global Logistics  5kmStandardÇerkezköyWarehouse and distribution platform
Kütahya Brickwork   600 mmKütahyabrick factory, near the sugar factory
lzmit Docks   standardİzmit 
Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi   standardKırıkkalemunitions factory
Sivas Cimento Sanayii    Yapicement works
T.C. Orman Bakanlığı   600 mmAyancıkTimber Yard. Engines are used only around the timber yard. The lines into the forest were abandoned in 1963.
TCDD Derince   600 mmDerinceSleeper factory
Turkiye Petrolleri   StandardBatmanOil
Private locos at Kırıkkale. 1999 Photo Malcolm Peakman
Private locos at Kirikale. 1999 Photo Malcolm Peakman