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44101 to 44102

  • Axle: D
  • Total quantity: 2
  • First year: 1915
  • Manufacturer: Henschel
  • Ex Prussian Rly, Ex German Army type G81

These two units are the only G81 that ended up in Anatolia. The G81 is an enlarged, heavier and more powerful version of the G8. Several thousand units were built and ended up on most of the central European network. It is said that the axle load of this engine was too big for the lightly laid tracks of Turkey.

  • Probably out of service by 1956

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle typeD
Driving wheel dia1350 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter600 mm
Piston stroke660 mm
Boiler pressure14 bar
Grate surface2,39 m2
Heating surface143 m2
Weight empty66 T
Weight loaded67 T
Adhesion weight67 T
Load per driving wheel16,75 T
Max speed55 km/h
Tractive effort24,6 T

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