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56701 to 56748

  • Axle: 1'E
  • Total quantity: 48
  • First year: 1943
  • Manufacturer: Schneider, Fives Lille, SFCM Cail, Batignolles


French manufacturers built almost 700 BR44ük for the Germans during WW2. The BR44ük is the transitional war time design of the BR44: the design was simplified but provisions were made to allow the engines to be restored to their original type after the war. In the BR44ük, the smoke screens, the cab window, the running plate front end, the smoke box door central lock are removed. The German specifications were scrupulously followed but owing to war restrictions, some parts had been replaced by their French equivalent (buffer stock, compressor, injectors, …). Consequently, one engine may be slightly different from the next.

226 engines BR44ük still under construction in 1944 were taken over by the French railway (SNCF) when delivered and incorporated as 150X in SNCF rosters. They were very successfully used for the heavy haul of coal and iron in northern France. Most of the 150X were coupled to a 2'2'T34 tender (SNCF 34X).

In 1954, SNCF sold 48 engines made redundant by 25 KV electrification to TCDD. These 150X were barely 10 years old and in perfect condition. The 48 engines were picked for their original Knorr compressor and Knorr feed water heating already familiar to shop crews in Turkey. All the engines were fully overhauled by SNCF prior to delivery. Overland shipment occurred between 30 April and 25 July 1955. TCDD fitted them with a snowplough and a third light on the smoke box door. Later on, TCDD made other modification to the engines such as the restoration of the smoke box door central lock and the fitting of safety valves on the cylinders.

TCDD kept the 56700's in service until the late 70's (1977?). They were used on all kind of duties from long haul passenger to local freight. Most of them were based at and around Adana shed and were frequently seen (and photographed) working up the Taurus bank to Ulukisla. A batch were used at Bilecik for banking duties up the Karakoy ramp. The cover of the April 1970 issue of Trains magazine has five of these locos together with a 5700 congregating around the Bilecik turntable awaiting their next call to duty.



150X146(became TCDD 56717) in yard at Haydarpaşa before being sent to Eskişehir for initial servicing. 4th June 1955. Photo Alan Swale


150X97(became TCDD 56741) in yard at Sirkeci awaiting ferry across the Bosphorus. Later onwards to Eskişehir for initial servicing. 26th August 1955. Photo Alan Swale


56711, on turntable in Konya Depot. 18th April 1956, Photo Alan Swale


56747 at Bilecik. 17th April 1956. Photo Alan Swale.


56733 ex SNCF 150 X 17 (Creusot 1945/4775) with passenger train to Konya. Yenice, 4th May 1974, Photo: Benno Bickel


56712 in Çamlık, bearing drawings made by school children during a visit to the museum. The children came from Izmir of a steam special chartered by TCDD. Photo JP Charrey


56724 at Ulukisla. 2nApril 1974. Rolling into Ulukişla, our train passes a southbound freight awaiting the road south. Photo Robin Lush


56724 at Ulukisla.2nd April 1974. Photo Robin Lush

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'E
Driving wheel dia1400 mm
Front bissel wheel dia850 mm
Number of cylinder3
Cylinder diameter550 mm
Piston stroke660 mm
Boiler pressure16 bar
Grate surface4,54 m2
Boiler pipe length5,8 m
Heating surface238 m2
Superheating surface100 m2
Overall length13,8 m
Fixed wheel base length3,4 m
Coupled wheel base length6,8 m
Overall wheel base9,65 m
Weight empty100 T
Weight loaded109,8 T
Adhesion weight95 T
Load per driving wheel19,8 T
Max speed80 km/h
Tractive effort34,3 T
Power (HP)1910 HP
Tender axle type2'2'
Wheel dia1000 mm
Overall length8,65 m
Wheel base length5,7 m
Tender water capacity34 m3
Tender coal capacity10 T
Tender weight empty30,2 T
Tender weight loaded74,2 T
Engine + Tender
Loc + tender length22,3 m
Loc + tender wheel base19 m
Loc + tender weight184 T

Engine numbering

The following table give the translation between SNCF numbers and TCDD numbers. On delivery, in 1945, SNCF numbered these loco by using the DRG number prefix by the SNCF class code 150X. In March 1950, SNCF completely renumbered these locos, sequentially starting from 150X1. TCDD numbered the locos more or less in their order of arrival in Turkey. They were given an initial service at Haydarpaşa (H.) or Eskişehir (E.)

TCDDYearBuilderBuilder's No.SNCF 1945 No.SNCF 1 March 1950 No.OriginDelivered to TCDDServiced
567011945Batignolles742150 X 1827150 X 77Est04 May 1955H. 29 May 1955
567021945Fives-Lille5090150 X 1976150 X 177Est04 May 1955H. 3 June 1055
567031945Fives-Lille5079150 X 1965150 X 166Nord02 May 1955H. 7 June 1955
567041945Cail4401150 X 1869150 X 106Nord02 May 1955H. 11 June 1955
567051945Batignolles739150 X 1824150 X 74Nord06 May 1955H. 15 June 1955
567061945Schneider4780150 X 1718150 X 22Est06 May 1955H. 18 June 1955
567071945Batignolles760150 X 1845150 X 95Est10 May 1955H. 22 June 1955
567081946Schneider4785150 X 1768150 X 27Est10 May 1955H. 25 June 1955
567091945Schneider4773150 X 1711150 X 15Est04 May 1955E. 8 June 1955
567101945Batignolles750150 X 1835150 X 85Est04 May 1955E. 10 June 1955
567111945Schneider4776150 X 1714150 X 18Est30 Apr 1955E. 16 June 1955
567121945Batignolles747150 X 1832150 X 82Est30 Apr 1955E. 16 June 1955
567131945Schneider4762150 X 1520150 X 4Est30 Apr 1955E. 16 June 1955
567141945Batignolles753150 X 1838150 X 88Est16 May 1955E. 18 June 1955
567151945Cail4419150 X 1887150 X 124Nord06 May 1955E. 21 June 1955
567161945Cail4387150 X 1810150 X 60Nord06 May 1955E. 24 June 1955
567171945Batignolles764150 X 1939150 X 146Est06 May 1955E. 28 June 1955
567181946Schneider4792150 X 1775150 X 34Est30 Apr 1955E. 29 June 1955
567191945Batignolles751150 X 1836150 X 86Est02 May 1955E. 5 July 1955
567201945Fives-Lille5076150 X 1962150 X 163Est16 May 1955E. 9 July 1955
567211945Schneider4782150 X 1720150 X 24Est20 May 1955H. 29 June 1955
567221945Batignolles752150 X 1837150 X 87Est20 May 1955H. 2 July 1955
567231945Fives-Lille5096150 X 1982150 X 183Nord12 May 1955H. 6 July 1955
567241945Fives-Lille5097150 X 1983150 X 184Nord12 May 1955H. 9 July 1955
567251945Batignolles767150 X 1942150 X 149Est12 May 1955H. 13 July 1955
567261945Batignolles755150 X 1840150 X 90Est12 May 1955H. 16 July 1955
567271945Fives-Lille5072150 X 1958150 X 159Est02 May 1955E. 2 July 1955
567281945Fives-Lille5075150 X 1961150 X 162Est16 May 1955E. 8 July 1955
567291945Cail4403150 X 1871150 X 108Est10 May 1955E. 9 July 1955
567301946Schneider4784150 X 1767150 X 26Est10 May 1955E. 15 July 1955
567311945Batignolles744150 X 1829150 X 79Est08 May 1955E. 18 July 1955
567321946Schneider4790150 X 1773150 X 32Est08 May 1955E. 22 July 1955
567331945Schneider4775150 X 1713150 X 17Est08 May 1955E. 24 July 1955
567341945Cail4418150 X 1886150 X 123Est08 May 1955E. 26 July 1955
567351944Batignolles736150 X 1821150 X 71Est16 Jul 1955H. 26 August 1955
567361945Batignolles741150 X 1826150 X 76Est21 Jul 1955H. 1 September 1955
567371944Batignolles737150 X 1822150 X 72Est18 Jul 1955H. 9 September 1955
567381945Cail4397150 X 1820150 X 70Est18 Jul 1955H. 15 September 1955
567391945Fives-Lille5094150 X 1980150 X 181Nord18 Jul 1955H. 21 September 1955
567401945Batignolles762150 X 1937150 X 144Est18 Jul 1955H. 24 September 1955
567411944Fives-Lille5064150 X 1860150 X 97Est21 Jul 1955E. 14 September 1955
567421944Fives-Lille5069150 X 1865150 X 102Est16 Jul 1955E. 22 September 1955
567431945Schneider4777150 X 1715150 X 19Est21 Jul 1955E. 28 September 1955
567441945Fives-Lille5077150 X 1963150 X 164Est16 May 1955E. 19 October 1955
567451944Fives-Lille5068150 X 1864150 X 101Est25 Jul 1955E. 15 October 1955
567461945Fives-Lille5091150 X 1977150 X 178Est21 Jul 1955E. 6 October 1955
567471945Batignolles754150 X 1839150 X 89Est16 Jul 1955E. 6 October 1955
567481945Schneider4767150 X 1705150 X 9Est25 Jul 1955E. 15 October 1955

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