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Iskenderun Steel works

İskenderun Demir ve Çelik A.Ş (Isdemir) is a very large steel plant both a blast furnace and a steel mill. The company was founded in on 3 October 1970 and the plant was commissioned in 1975. This is a modern plant, built by the seashore. It has a port that can be accessed by deep sea vessels.

It is also located next to the Toprakkale to Iskenderun line and 2,7 km electrified branch was laid from Yakacik station.

TCDD trains can enter the site: a 7 tracks electrified yard in able to receive 700m long trains. This yard then feeds all the part of factory through a network of about 35km of track (situation in 2012).

The factory has it own fleet of locomotives as well as specialized cars for transportation of melted steel and slag.

Openstreetmap location of the factory

Track plan of Isdemir factory
Track plan of Isdemir factory