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33901 to 33950

  • Axle: C
  • Total quantity: 50
  • First year: 1916 or earlier
  • Manufactured in Russia by Kolomna. Referred to in Turkey as "KALOMINKAS"
  • 750mm gauge

Used on Sarıkamış to Erzurum line. Probably all out of service by 1956 but 33914 and 33921 (both coal burners) reported to be working on the Samsun line in November 1955.

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle typeC
Weight empty9.5 t
Weight service10.5 t
Max Axle load3.5 t
Wheels590 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder dia250 mm
Piston stroke300 mm
Pressure12 kg/sq.cm
Heating surface (firebox)2.8 m2
Heating surface (tubes)25.6 m2
Grate Area0.56 m2
Tractive Effort2300 kg


Out of use and derelict locomotives at Horasan, 24th June 1956. Only one, 33934 pictured below, could be identified. One other, 33933 (not photographed), was earlier noted out of use in the standard gauge depot at Erzurum. Photos Alan Swale

 33934 Out of use and minus tender.
Derelict  Kalominkas
 Derelict Kalominkas.
Derelict  Kalominkas

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