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34061 to 34068

  • Axle: 1'C
  • Total quantity: 8
  • First year: 1933
  • Manufacturer: Henschel, Krupp
  • similar to DRG24



34061, Mersin. 15th November 1955. Photo Alan Swale


34062, Adana. 15th November 1955. Photo Alan Swale

34061 at Ankara Museum

34061 at Ankara Museum. December 1997 Photo JP Charrey

34061 at Ankara Museum

Again 34061. Photo JP Charrey

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'C
Driving wheel dia1400 mm
Front bissel wheel dia1000 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter500 mm
Piston stroke660 mm
Boiler pressure13 bar
Grate surface2 m2
Boiler pipe length3,8 m
Heating surface103 m2
Superheating surface38 m2
Fixed wheel base length3,8 m
Coupled wheel base length3,8 m
Overall wheel base6,5 m
Weight empty54,6 T
Weight loaded59,2 T
Adhesion weight47,5 T
Load per driving wheel15,8 T
Tractive effort11,5 T
Power (HP)990 HP
Tender axle type3
Tender water capacity16,9 m3
Tender coal capacity7 T
Tender weight empty22,1 T
Tender weight loaded46 T
Engine + Tender
Loc + tender length17,51 m
Loc + tender weight105,2 T

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