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44501 to 44509

  • Axle: D
  • Total quantity: 9
  • First year: 1910
  • Manufacturer: Henschel. Works Numbers 10059-61 (1910) 11334-6 (1912) 11723-5 (1913)
  • Ex CO Numbers 201-209

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle typeD
Driving wheel dia1400 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter600 mm
Piston stroke660 mm
Boiler pressure12 bar
Grate surface3,03 m2
Boiler pipe length4,5 m
Heating surface153,1 m2
Superheating surface44,4 m2
Fixed wheel base length4,5 m
Coupled wheel base length4,5 m
Overall wheel base4,5 m
Weight empty56,4 T
Weight loaded63,5 T
Adhesion weight63,5 T
Load per driving wheel15,875 T
Max speed65 km/h
Tractive effort15,3 T
Tender axle type3
Tender water capacity14 m3
Tender coal capacity6 T
Tender weight empty17,7 T
Tender weight loaded37,7 T
Engine + Tender
Loc + tender length15,98 m
Loc + tender weight101,2 T

44508 at Yedikule. 26th August 1955.. Photo Alan Swale

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