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  • Axle: D
  • Total quantity: 5
  • First year:
  • Manufacturer:

5' (155cm) gauge locomotives used on the Kars-Sarıkamış line before this was converted to standard gauge in 1962.

Broad gauge line and rolling stock obtained by Turkey when area round Kars ceded by Russia in 1920 after World War One. These Russian locomotives are of the ubiquitous O Class dating back to 1892. Between then and 1909 some 9000 were built by seven works, divided into eight sub-classes of which Od and Ov were the most numerous.

  • 44901/44902 were single expansion machines, with Walschaerts valve gear, Russian type Ov.
  • 44903/44904/44905 were 2 cylinders, compounds machines with Joy valve gear1.The high pressure cylinder was on the left side. Russian type Od.

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle typeD't
Weight empty44 t
Weight service49.24 t
Max Axle load12.45 t
Wheels1200 mm
Number of cylinders2
Cylinder dia500 mm
Piston stroke650 mm
Pressure9 kg/sq.cm
Heating surface firebox10 m2
Heating surface tubes135 m2
Grate Area2.47 m2
Tractive Effort7514 kg
Engine axle typeD't
Weight empty46 t
Weight service53.4 t
Max Axle load13.5 t
Wheels1200 mm
Number of cylinders2
Cylinders Right500/650m mm
Cylinders Left730/650m mm
Pressure11.5 kg/sq.cm
Heating surface firebox11.6 m2
Heating surface tubes141 m2
Grate Area1.85 m2
Tractive Effort7514 kg


  • All taken at Sarıkamış. 26th June 1956 by Alan Swale

44901 Originally Russian Type Ov


44903 Originally Russian Type Od


44905 Originally Russian Type Od

Notes & references

1 See Wikipédia about this unusal valve gear: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joy_valve_gear

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