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CO Mallet n°601 to 603

  • Axle: (1'C)C
  • Total quantity: 3
  • First year: 1914
  • Manufacturer: MAVAG


The CO had 3 Hungarian (1'C)C Mallet engines and used them in Turkey in the 1920’s. These engines were manufactured in 1918 by Magyar Allami Vas Acélés Gépgyarak, Budapest (MAVAG), and factory numbers are 4017 to 4019.

These engines were identical to the type 601 used by the Hungarian railways (MAV). Type 601 had a Brotan boiler using water tubes, a design much favored by MAV. The 601 was the last development of a series of successful Hungarian Mallet engine. At the time, MAV had built a considerable experience in this type of engine and was among the largest user of Mallets in Europe. The 601 is also reckoned to be the largest Mallet in Europe. Its power was quite impressive. It could pull 2600 tons at 30km/h; 1400 tons at 60 km/h and 385 tons at 15km/h on a 2,5% gradient.

The MAV had 60 601 delivered between 1914 and 1920. They were used on the line between Rieka (now Croatia) and Carlovac (now Croatia) to handle the heavy traffic on this steeply graded line. Most of them stayed in Croatia when this country was created.

Main characteristics

Source:« Les locomotives articulées du système Mallet dans le Monde », Vilain, L. M., Ed. Picador , 1978

Wheel dia :1,44 m
HP cylinders :520x660,
LP cylinders850x660
Grate :5,09m2
Boiler pressure :15 bar
Max speed60km/h
Max hook tractive effort22,3 T

These engines were never inventoried by TCDD and I have no evidence that they stayed long on Turkish soil. They might have been scrapped of transferred to another country where the CO was operating, or even taken over by TCDD but not inventoried.

(Does anyone know about the fate of these fine engines?)


MAV 601

MAV type 601 engine, similar to CO 601

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