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CFOA Mallet n°101 to 106

  • Axle: (B)B
  • Total quantity: 6
  • First year: 1895
  • Manufacturer: Maffei


The CFOA purchased also a few Mallet engines : six B'B (0-4-4-0) from Maffei in 1895, factory n°1811 to 1816. Except for a few minor details, these engines were identical to units type BB1 delivered to the Bavaria State railways and to type G4II delivered to Palatine State Railway at the same time.

During a trial on the Bavarian railway, this engine could pull a 1000t train over a 0,7% climb.

Main characteristics

Wheel dia :1,33m
HP cylinders :415x630
LP cylinders635x630
Grate :2,07 m2
Boiler pressure :14 bar
Heating surface123m2
Adhesion weight56t
Total weight56t
Max hook tractive effort11,4t
Tender water capacity  26m3
Tender coal capacity8t
Tender total weight 57t


The famous Maffei factory picture of CFOA n°101

The famous Maffei factory picture of CFOA n°101

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