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ORC Garrat n°225

  • Axle: (1'D)(D1')
  • Total quantity: 1
  • First year: 1927
  • Manufacturer: Beyer-Peacock


The ORC famously introduced the one and only Garrat engine in Turkey. It worked on the Izmir Aydın line. Presumably this loco was intended to work on the steep climb after Selcuk. This engine was delivered in 1927 by Beyer-Peacock (factory number 6324) and carried the ORC number 225.

The fate of the locomotive is not known. The engine was delivered in 1927 to the ORC bearing Arabic numbers, contrary to ORC practice. The ORC was taken over by TCDD in June 1935 and at that time the Garrat was only 8 years old.

In « Steam in Turkey » by E. Talbot E, a photo taken in Eskişehir shows the loco in a derelict state. The picture is dated 1940 but a Skyliner can be seen next to the Garrat so the picture must be 1947 at the earliest. This picture proves that the Garrat was still in Anatolia at that time. On this picture, the loco bears numeral plate using Latin character in TCDD style however the TCDD logo cannot be seen. The number is still 225 as during ORC time.

What happened? The loco plates could have been changed for various reason:

TCDD could have changed the plates when taking over the loco. But then why TCDD did not use its numbering scheme and use the number 8101 (8 driving axle, 10 axles) or 81001 (or even 454501!). ORC could have changed the plates either to conform to their practice, either in accordance to Atatürk's law of 1928 regarding the mandatory use of Latin alphabet in Turkey.

Did the loco run under TCDD management? This question remains un-answered.


ORC 225

ORC 225 (Beyer Peacock 1927/6324), work’s photograph by Beyer Peacock. Collection & scan Benno Bickel

ORC 225

ORC 225 Elevated view. Photograph by Beyer Peacock. The arabic numerals are clearly seen on this picture.

225 Engine main characteristics

Source “The Beyer-Peacock Quarterly Review”, January 1931, p. 38

Cylinders dia.:17 ½ in445 mm
Piston stroke:26 in.660 mm
Driving wheels diameter:4 ft. 2 ½ in.1283 mm
Tractive power at 75% boiler pressure:42 560 lb.19,3 T
Wheelbase of each unit:23 ft. 3 in.7,09 m
Wheelbase rigid:15 ft. 9 in.4,80 m
Total wheelbase of engine:72 ft. 0 in.21,95 m
Boiler pressure:180 psi12,4 bar
Boiler tubes heating surface:2 489 sq. ft.231,2 m2
Boiler firebox heating surface:202 sq. ft.18,8 m2
Boiler total heating surface:2 691 sq. ft.250 m2
Grate area:48,5 sq. ft.4,5 m2
Tank water capacity:5 000 gallons22,7 m3
Coal capacity:8 tons7,9 T
Weight of engine full:140 tons 9 cwt.142,7 T
Adhesion weight of engine full:115 tons 4 cwt117,0 T

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