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Home > Steam > 35504

35504 to 35506

  • Axle: 2'C
  • Total quantity: 3
  • First year: 1908
  • Manufacturer: Maffei
  • Ex CO
  • Probably out of service by 1956

Engine main characteristics 

This loco is very similar to Bavaria P3/5. It is a compound 4 cylinders engine. The high pressure cylinders are leading the front axle.

Engine axle type2'C
Driving wheel dia1640 mm
Front bissel wheel diamm
Rear bissel wheel dian/a
Number of cylinder4
HP Cylinder diameter340 mm
LP Cylinder diameter570 mm
Piston stroke640 mm
Boiler pressure15 bar
Grate surface2,6 m2
Boiler pipe lengthm
Heating surface166 m2
Superheating surfacen/a
Overall lengthm
Fixed wheel base lengthm
Coupled wheel base lengthm
Overall wheel basem
Weight emptyT
Weight loaded67 T
Adhesion weight45 T
Load per driving wheel14,725 T
Max speedkm/h
Tractive effortT
Power (HP)HP

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