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46051 to 46061

  • Axle: 1'D1'
  • Total quantity: 11
  • First year: 1937
  • Manufacturer: Henschel


In the mid 1930's, TCDD ordered these eleven Mikados. Their design is derived from the BR41, a successful German engine specifically built for fast freight duties. The 46051 are bit lighter than the BR41 and have larger wheels, they have many of the standard component from the German locomotives of the that time. The 46051 shares the same boiler and same engines than the 56001 that were produced at the same time. Only the wheel diameter was larger, thus the 46051 where faster than the 56001, but of course had less tractive power.

The 46051 were intended for fast passenger service along the Istanbul Ankara main line. Their tall wheels made them well suited to cross the Anatolian steppe. Once this line got dieselised, the 46051 found a home in Konya, working along the where they survived until the end of steam in Turkey, at the very end of the 1980's. Their design made them ideally suited for all kind of work on the light gradients lines around Konya. They remained unchallenged in Turkey in terms of speed for a steam engines.



46054 outside Ankara Depot. 20th August 1955. Photo Alan Swale


46061 at Haydarpaşa Station heading the ‘Toros Ekspresi’, 8.40 a.m. to Ankara with through dining car and sleepers to Baghdad. 15th September 1955. Photo Alan Swale

46057 with a freight train to Konya

46057 with a freight train to Konya. On the left: 56733. Ulukisla, 5th Mai 1974. Photo: Benno Bickel

The same 46057 in Afyon, in 1984

The same 46057 in Afyon, in 1984. Photo Robin Garn

46060 getting ready, Konya depot in 1984

46060 getting ready, Konya depot in 1984. Photo Robin Garn

46055 dumped in Konya, July 1990,Photo Marius Declerck 46061 dumped in Mersin, July 1992, Photo Marius Declerck 46059 dumped in Konya, July 1990,Photo Marius Declerck 46059 dumped in Konya, July 1990,Photo Marius Declerck


Eng. NbrManuf. DateManufacturerManuf. NbrRemark

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'D1'
Driving wheel dia1750 mm
Front bissel wheel dia850 mm
Rear bissel wheel dia1250 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter650 mm
Piston stroke660 mm
Boiler pressure16 bar
Grate surface4 m2
Boiler pipe length6 m
Heating surface223,2 m2
Superheating surface105,75 m2
Fixed wheel base length3,8 m
Coupled wheel base length5,7 m
Overall wheel base11,9 m
Weight empty94,75 T
Weight loaded104,4 T
Adhesion weight72,8 T
Load per driving wheel18,2 T
Max speed100 km/h
Tractive effort19,1 T
Power (HP)1900 HP
Tender axle type2'2'
Tender water capacity29 m3
Tender coal capacity8 T
Tender weight empty26,5 T
Tender weight loaded63,5 T
Engine + Tender
Loc + tender length22,86 m
Loc + tender weight167,9 T

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