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Izmir Basmane

Basmane, terminal station of the SCP was built slightly to the city historical center that the rival Alsancak station. Basmane is now much more active, with 4 platforms and 8 tracks than Alsancak in terms of long distance passangers.

The station building is placed in the axis of a main avenue that goes straight to the seaside, known in Izmir as "Kordon". This highlights the symmetry of the building. The building itself has not been renovated, barely maintained and it is in quite poor condition. In particular the grey color does nothing to brighten up this building which is a bit austere.

The modern name of the station Basmane is a contraction of its former name Basmahane, referring literally to the weaving factory that was there before. This factory was closed a few years before and was purchased by the railway.

On the track side, a little roof extends from the building to the beginning of the platform. The platforms are quite short and can barely accommodate a 6 / 7 cars train. In 2001, there were no signaling and all the points are hands operated.

After 2001, two major changes occured. The station was electrified and the line Basmane to Bornova was turned over to Izmir municipality and transformed into a light metro. Consequently a metro station was built under the station and Basmane lost some of its suburb traffic.

Basmane station was always focused on passager traffic; SCP main depot and freight location being in Halkapınar, a place nearer to the harbour and the industrial activity than Basmane.

basmane002 l

Basmane station, street side. June 2001. Photo JP Charrey

basmane001 l

Basmane station, platform side. June 2001. Photo JP Charrey

Map showing the location of Basmane and Halkapınar
Map showing the location of Basmane and Halkapınar