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Horse drawn tramway

The horse drawn tram started to operate in Izmir around 1890. This tramway was running along the quay built a few years before. This tramway operated until is was converted to electric traction around 1927

3 lines were operated:

  • Konak - Pointe / Alsancak
  • Konak Göztepe
  • Alsancak Halkapınar

A line was also running in Karşıyaka

The lines were single track, standard gauge, with passing loops to allow crossings of opposite running cars.

Open cars were used in summer times, and closed ones in winter.

There is at least one picture showing a freight trains running on the tram track between Alsancak and the Custom office. There is also a picture of the junction linking the tram to the ORC tracks in Alsancak. Finally, there is a picture of a steam loco in front the freight shed the ORC use to have next to the custom office.

izmir douane 1900s

The tram line near Gümük (Custom house) around 1900. Collection JP Charrey.

izmir leports

The most classic view of Izmir quay and the tram line. The passing siding can be seen. Collection JP Charrey

izmir lesquais 1905s

Another view of quay and the tram line. Collection JP Charrey


A lovely colored engraving. was the car really blue? Collection JP Charrey.

Electric tramway

The electric tramway was operated by a Belgian company: Société Générale de Tramways, de Transports et d'Electricité à Smyrne s.a., then Electricité et Tramways de Smyrne s.a. This company was the subsidiary of a Belgium transport group: Compagnie mutuelle de tramways.

The last electric tram was decommissioned in the early 1960s.

izmir ataturk meydani

An electric tram running around the Clock Tower in Izmir

izmir tramway

Another view of the tram and its trailer.


Izmir built a very realistic project, using former TCDD right of way for a part of the line from Halkapinar to Bornova. This old TCDD line was fully rebuilt to modern standard for the fraction of the coast of a new line. Further metro extensions are likely to use TCDD tracks again.

 Line 1
opening year (revenue service)25 August 2000
typeLight rail
route length11,6 km
number of stations10
Station platform length125m
Max speed80 km/h
min headway:2 mn
Traction power supply750V DC, 3rd rail
rolling stock3 cars set (*)

(*) each car has 6 axles and is articulated. The outer bogies are powered by DC motors

  • Car power: 300 KW (150 KW per bogie)
  • Driving Control: GTO thyristors
  • 4 double sliding door per car, pneumatically operated.
  • Car capacity: 44 seats + 140 standing (at 4 / m2)
  • Quantity: 30 cars
  • Train configuration is Motor / Driving + Motor + Motor Driving

Unveiling of a light metro trainset build by CSR Zhuzhou was done in August 2012. These trainsets were odered by Imzir Metro in October 2009. The order includes for 8 four-car trainsets for use on an 8 km extension of its 11·6 km line. Technically similar to Izmir's existing Adtranz fleet, the 80 km/h air-conditioned trains have a 2650 mm wide welded aluminium bodyshell, can negotiate curves down to 30 m radius, and are fitted with magnetic track brakes. Delivery is scheduled for October 2012.