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34001 to 34018 & 34046 to 34048

  • Axle: 1'C, an optional carrying axle can be mounted on these units: 1'(C1)
  • Total quantity: 18 + 3
  • First year: 1911/14
  • Manufacturer: Hanomag / Borsig
  • Ex CFOA 9 units / Baghdad Railway 12 units

The engine are in three sub series:

  • 34001 to 34009: former CFOA engines with 16m3 tender
  • 34010 to 34018: former Baghdad Rly engines with 20m3 tender
  • 34046 to 34048: former Cenup Rly engines with 20m3 tender


Theses engines have a somewhat complicated history. They were ordered in several batches, and from two manufacturers, both by the CFOA and the Baghdad Railway. The last units were delivered in 1914, after the start of World War One. Four (or five) units have been captured at sea by the British and diverted to the Egyptian State Railways. Several units were scattered after the war and during the partitioning of the Baghdad Railway. 3 units went to the DHP and then to the CFS. 3 units went to the Cenup and were recovered later by TCDD. As sequence numbers 34019 and upward were already allocated, these engines were numbered 34046, 34047 and 34048. Finally, the fate of three units is unknown, one might have gone to Irak, the other two are likely to have been destroyed during the war.

Hanomag designed these locomotives with an unusual carrying axle added between the second and the third driving wheel. Futhermore, this axle could be removed and consequently, this loco had a dual axle load distribution:

  • with carrying axle: the load on this axle was 6,2t and the load on the driving wheel was 13,5t
  • without carrying axle, the load on the driving wheel was increased to 15,5t.

Both configuration could be seen on the Turkish network. The light axle version proved usefull on the lightest lines around Izmir.

Numbering details

1st owner1st nbr2nd owner2nd nbrManuf. DateManuf.Manuf. NbrRemarkAux. Axle
CFOA201TCDD340011911Hanomag6104 Yes
CFOA202TCDD340021911Hanomag6105 Yes
CFOA203  1911Hanomag6106 ?
CFOA204  1911Hanomag6107 ?
CFOA205TCDD340041911Hanomag6108 Yes
CFOA206TCDD340051912Borsig8170 No
CFOA207TCDD340061912Borsig8171 Yes
CFOA208  1912Borsig8172Possibly in Irak??
CFOA209TCDD340071912Borsig8173 Yes
CFOA210TCDD340081912Borsig8174 No
CFOA211TCDD340091912Borsig8175 Yes
Baghdad611TCDD340151911Borsig8056 No
Baghdad612TCDD340161911Borsig8057 ?
Baghdad613TCDD340171911Borsig8058 ?
Baghdad614TCDD340101911Hanomag6253 ?
Baghdad615TCDD340111911Hanomag6254 ?
Baghdad616TCDD340181911Hanomag6255 ?
Baghdad618DHP6181914Borsig8383CFS 130.218?
Baghdad619DHP6191914Borsig8384CFS 130.219?
Baghdad620DHP6201914Borsig8385CFS 130.220?
Baghdad623IRR4071914Hanomag7135 ?
Baghdad624IRR4081914Hanomag7136 ?
Baghdad625IRR4091914Hanomag7137 ?
Baghdad626  1914Hanomag7324May be Captured at sea, fate unknown?
Baghdad627ESR1031914Hanomag7325Captured at sea, became ESR 218, then 502No
Baghdad628ESR1021914Hanomag7326Captured at sea, became ESR 217, then 501No
Baghdad629ESR1041914Hanomag7327Captured at sea, became ESR 219, then 503No
Baghdad630ESR1051914Hanomag7328Captured at sea, became ESR 220, then 504No
Baghdad631TCDD340121914Hanomag7329 ?
Baghdad632TCDD340131914Hanomag7330 ?
Baghdad633TCDD340141914Hanomag7331 ?
  TCDD340031911Hanomag This unit might be CFOA 203 or 204.No



34002, Alsancak. 7th June 1955. Photo Alan Swale
With additional carrying axle.


34008, İzmit. 14th July 1955. Photo Alan Swale.

34015 ex Badgad Rly 611

34015 ex Badgad Rly 611 (Borsig 1911/8056). Konya 5th May 1974, Photo Benno Bickel

34008 at Karabuk 17 March 1977

34008 at Karabuk 17 March 1977. This picture shows where the additional axle was positioned between the rear two driving wheels, the plate work on the frames is just visible. Photo Robin Lush

34008 at Karabuk 17 March 1977

34008 at Karabuk 17 March 1977. Not a bad return on investment for a 65 years old loco! Photo Robin Lush

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'C
Driving wheel dia1500 mm
Front bissel wheel dia1000 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder diameter540 mm
Piston stroke630 mm
Boiler pressure12 bar
Grate surface2,25 m2
Boiler pipe length4,4 m
Heating surface130,1 m2
Superheating surface39,5 m2
Fixed wheel base length2,65 m
Coupled wheel base length4,8 m
Overall wheel base7,25 m
Weight empty52,9 T
Weight loaded58,8 T
Adhesion weight46,5 T
Load per driving wheel15,5 T
Tractive effort11 T
Power (HP)HP
Tender water capacity16,2 m3
Tender coal capacity5,6 T
Tender weight empty19,5 T
Tender weight loaded41,3 T
Engine + Tender
Loc + tender length17,285 m
Loc + tender weight100,1 T

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