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3501 to 3505

  • Axle: 1'C1't
  • Total quantity: 5
  • First year: 1909
  • Manufacturer: Maffei, Works Numbers 3112-14 (1909), 3274/5 (1911)
  • Ex Baghdad Rly, Ex Mersin Adana Rly
  • CFOA Numbers 701-705

Engine main characteristics

Engine axle type1'C1't
Driving wheel dia1350 mm
Front bissel wheel dia1000 mm
Rear bissel wheel dia1000 mm
Number of cylinder2
Cylinder dia430 mm
Piston stroke600 mm
Boiler pressure12 bar
Grate surface1,8 m2
Boiler pipe length4,197 m
Heating surface120,8 m2
Fixed wheel base length3,3 m
Coupled wheel base length3,3 m
Overall wheel base7,985 m
Weight empty45,4 T
Weight loaded58,3 T
Adhesion weight36 T
Load per driving wheel12 T
Water capacity5,5 m3
Coal capacity2,5 T
Overall length12,15 m
Max speed75 km/h
Tractive effort7,4 T
3503 at Mersin, 15th November 1955

3503, Mersin. 15th November 1955. Photo Alan Swale

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