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MTA - Mersin Tarsus Adana

MTA History

The Ottoman Government gave first a concession to start developing railways in Cilicia in January 20, 1883. The concession was for 72 years. Two Turkish entrepreneurs won this first concession: Mehmed Nasib Bey and Costaki Effendi. But they could not proceed alone and they sold part of their rights in 1885 to a group of English and French investors led by Baron Evain de Vandeuve.

The line is basically flat and straight, running through the rich plains of Adana. But the Turkish entrepreneurs could not do the works and sold their rights in 1885. Baron Evain set up the Mersin - Tarsus - Adana Railway, an Anglo-French company with headquarters in London.

Construction works were subcontracted to Tancred, Coiseau & Co, a renowned civil engineering company. The works went quickly as the line presents not difficulties. The line opened in 1886.

Ten years later, in 1896, the Turkish entrepreneurs sold out and left the venture. The Mersin Adana was now a pure foreign concern.

But the Deutsche Bank, which was now a major player in Ottoman railway development, moved to prevent further concession to be granted to the Mersin Tarsus Adana Railway. Since they could not develop their business, the Anglo French investors had to other option but to sell out to the Deutsche Bank in 1906. The line was then incorporated into the Baghdad railway and a new station was built in Adana.

After the war and the Lausane Treaty, The Mersin - Tarsus - Adana Railway followed the same fate as the CFOA in 1928. It was nationalized and became part of the Chemins de fer d'Anatolie Baghdad on January 1, 1929. The shareholders received 6,1 million Swiss Francs in compensation.

This line was very easy to build and goes through was it still today and rich and populated area. Adana is one of the largest cities of Turkey. The Cilician plain lies between the mountains and the sea, its hot and humid climate makes it very fertile and suitable for growing cotton. The MTA terminal station in Adana had to be abandoned because it location did not permit the eastward extension of the line.

MTA line opening date

fromtoOriginal companyOpening yearOpening datekmmilesaxle load (t)remark
MersinAdanaMersin - Adana18862 Aug 186667,942,2 taken over by CIOB
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