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Dinar to Afyon

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  • Length Afyon Ali Çetinkaya to Dinar: 123,9 Km
  • Length Afyon Şehir to Karakuyu: 112,4 Km

This line was built by TCDD in 1936 in order to create a northward route for the towns of Dinar, Burdur and Isparta. The traffic from this cities could reach Afyon where connection to Istanbul was possible.

This line really starts in Afyon Şehir, the historical station of the SCP. From Afyon, the line runs north east, parallel to the Uşak line for about 2km, giving the illusion of double working where it is only single track. Then, the line makes several turns to take a south direction and start clinbing through a narrow pass near Demirçevre. The climb will take the line from an altitude of 1040m to about 1100m in about 7km, an average 1%. Then the line will go straight south to Tinaztepe before meandering through a second pass requiring 6 tunnels. A second climb to the altitude of 1300m is required before going down quickly to Kocatepe, altitude 1260m.

The descend will continue to 1190m to cross a platean before reaching a third pass on this line. The entrance is right after Çiğiltepe station and after about 1km, the line will descend gently to 1050m and cross a long north south platean to reach first Sandıklı and then Karakuyu where the junction with the line to Dinar to Eğirdir is done. Sandıklı is the only village of some importance along this line.

421,7Afyon Ali ÇetinkayaJunction with the line Eskishehir to Afyon
0,0Afyon ŞehirJunction with the line Usak to Afyon
92,0Km 92+050 
112,4KarakuyuJunction with the line to Dinar to Eğirdir