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Loops and Triangles

This page list all the loops and triangle that are existing, or use to exist, on TCDD network. Due to the large fleet of single cab diesel still used by TCDD, these triangle and loops are still useful.


AfyonAfyon Ali Çetinkaya station is equipped with a loop track, leaving Afyon to the northeast, turning back to the west and joining the station tracks just west of the platform tracks. Generally, through trains from Alayunt to Uşak or Karakuyu use this track in order to avoid reversing.
AnkaraThe loop is east of the station. It passes under the main track to Kayseri. It allows turn back to Istanbul. It was around the yard when there were steam sheds, now is in a tunnel. Electrified (contact wire only, no messenger cable).
GençTurning loop branching out on the east side of the station.
Istanbul HaydarpaşaThe loop track runs northeast (railroad east) from just under the Üsküdar-Kadiköy roadway bridge near the "freight wagon repair facility". It continues behind the "electric train depot", behind the roundhouse, under the mainline, past the freight warehouses and connects with the coach yard southeast of the passenger platforms. This loop connects only sidings to sidings and the headshunt is quite short. Most Intercity passenger sets are turned here, but require at least four movements, including a move on to the main tracks.
IrmakLoop south side of station to turn trains from Zonguldak / Karabük direction to Kayseri direction.
KarakuyuA single line loop track leaves Karakuyu station to the west and joins the Afyon bound line after turning to the northeast. Railcars regularly shunt over this loop with passengers. The Gülistan-Ekspresi (Ankara – İsparta) used this loop in order to avoid reversing at Karakuyu (this train no longer runs).
KöprüağzıTurning loop to allow trains from Fevzipaşa direct access to the Karamanmaraş branch. This loop is now disused.
KütahyaIn order to avoid reversing, all trains from Eskişehir to Afyon and vice versa) calling at Kütahya station are using the loop allowing to approach the station from the west prior to arrival at Kütahya.
NarlıElectrified loop track leaving the station to the southwest, turning to the northeast and joining the Malatya/Gaziantep bound lines. All trains to Gaziantep and from Malatya reverse in Narlı using this loop track.
SivasA loop starting east of the station and going around the wagon workshops to the south and going back towards the east.
TatvanA loop is located next to the ferry terminal. It is used to turn trains from this terminal.

Triangles junctions

AdanaA triangle use to exist to reach the former Mersin to Adana station from the present station. This triangle was built in the days of the Baghdad Railway. It is now long gone but the roadbed is still visible.
AfyonThere use to be a triangle between the two stations of Afyon: Afyon Afyon Şehir and Afyon Ali Çetinkaya. This triangle allowed direct running from Eskişehir to Afyon Şehir. It is now disused and replaced by a loop at Afyon Ali Çetinkaya (see above)
AlayuntTriangle east of the station to allow through running from Kütahya to Afyon without reversing at Alayunt.
ArifiyeElectrified triangle east of Arifiye station allowing direct connection between Bilecik and Adapazarı.
BalıkesirThis triangle is located north of Balıkesir, between the line to Bandırma and the line Kütahya. It allows trains to proceed straight from Kütahya to Bandırma.
BoğazköprüThis triangle is located west of Boğazköprü station. It allows direct connection from Ankara to Adana without reversing at Boğazköprü.
ÇatalThis triangle located to the east of the station allows direct running from Tire to Ödemiş. It fell into disuse in 2018 or so when trains serving both Tire & Ödemiş were replaced by alternating services to Tire & Ödemiş
ÇetinkayaElectrified triangle east of the station for iron ore train going straight from Divriği to Iskenderun, thus avoiding reversing in Çetinkaya
EnveriyeElectrified triangle west of Eskişehir at Enveriye station. This triangle is for southbound (Kütahya bound) trains from Istanbul direction. Trains swapped electrics for diesels here until electrification was completed in 2019. These trains by-pass Eskişehir-Gar.
HalkapınarHalkapınar is located on the Basmane Manisa line, about a 1,5 km away from Hilal. This is a somewhat new triangle set up with a dual purpose:
- give a new access for the tracks of Izmir docks (in place of the access from Alsancak station).
- make up for the track change at Hilal, which among other thing, was used to turn trains.\\
Izmir HilalSee here for details about thi famous point crossing between Basmane and Alsancak.
GoncalıTriangle located to the west of the station, allowing direct running of trains from Denizli to Dinar, without reversing in Goncalı ]]
KütahyaAlong with the loop (see above), there is also a triangle to allow trains coming from the Seyitömer branch to enter the station on both sides. The east side of the triangle is now removed
MalatyaElectrified triangle south west of the station for iron ore train going straight from Divriği to Iskenderun thus avoiding reversing in Malatya station
Menemen?Triangle located to the north east of the station for direct runing Manisa to Aliağa without reversing in Menemen
MuratlıA new triangle junction built in 2016 to give access to the new Terkidağ branch, both from the west and the east.
OrtaklarA track allows direct access from Aydın to Söke without reversing in Ortaklar. This triangle is disused but the track is complete and in fair condition (only minor grass in September 2002). It all looks like it is used once a year for a special shunting.
ToprakkaleThis triangle is located east of Toprakkale station, between the line to Osmaniye and the one to Iskenderun. It allows also direct connection from Osmaniye to Iskenderun for electric trains without reversing at Toprakkale station.
ŞenyurtDisused junction triangle on the station east side.
SütlaçThis triangle is formed by the junction of the branch to Civril. It allowed access to the branch coming from both Denizli and Dinar. Sütlaç station itself is located inside the triangle and cannot give direct access to Civril. This triangle is now removed.
TorbalıThis triangle, now disused is formed by the junction of Ödemiş It allowed access to the branch coming from both Izmir and Selçuk. This triangle is now disused.
YeniceThis loop allow direct connection from Ankara / Durak towards Mersin without reversing in Yenice station.

Turning triangles

This list includes triangles for turning locomotives and some triangle large enough to turn whole trains. Since all diesel loco of TCDD are still single cab, turning triangle are stilll in use.

This is list is not complete

Ankara Behiçbey DepotA triangle is located next to the loco repair shop for turning trains. In April 2002, it appeared disused.
AmasyaTurning triangle located to the west of the station (Samsun side). This triangle was lifted around 2012.
AkyakaAkyaka is the last Turkish station before the border, on the line to from Kars to Armenia. It thus acts as a terminal point for TCDD stock and the triangle was used to turn steam engine. Although still in place, this triangle is presumably not used any more.
ÇamlıkA direct chord allowed access from the new station to the coaling station located in the old station. This chord is still in place. Of course, the coaling station and the old station gave way to the steam museum and all the switchs from the main line to the old station have been removed.
ÇobanbeyLocomotive turning triangle located at the station
DinarTriangle on the south west side of the station for turning locomotives
Edirne?Turning triangle to the east of the station, next to the locomotive shed.
ErzurumTriangle on the west side of the station for turning locomotives
HorasanTriangle on the east side of the station for turning locomotives
KapıköyVan Razi line: Triangle on the west side of the station for turning locomotives
KarabükTurning triangle on the west side of the station. Removed in 2015 and replaced by a new turntable.
KarsTurning triangle to the east of the station. Most likely disused
KurtalanTurning triangle to the east of the station
LadikLadik is on the Samsun Sivas. The triangle is located opposite of the station for turning steam engines.
PythionLocomotive turning triangle located on the East side of the station.
UzunköprüLocomotive turning triangle located on the west side of the station
VanLocomotive turning triangle located on the North side of the station
SarıkamışTurning triangle on the west side of the station