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Izmir EMUs

İZBAN A.Ş. İzmir Banliyö Taşımacılığı Sistem Ticaret A.Ş. First unit arrived in Turkey in March 2010.

Extract from a CAF press release:

CAF signs a contract for the supply of 33 Suburban Units for the Turkish city Izmir. The amount of the contract is € 123 m.

CAF has signed today (10 July 2008) a contract for the supply of 33 Suburban EMUs for the Turkish city IZMIR. This contract has been executed between CAF and IZBAN, a Turkish company 50% of which is owned by TCDD (Turkish Railway Organization) and the other 50% by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The operation amounts to €123 million.

These are large capacity suburban EMUs comprising 3 motor cars with austenitic Stainless Steel bodyshells, 25KV AC current collection, in a total length of 70 metres and with a maximum transport capacity of 740 passengers. The EMU has the most advanced technology for crash protection, fire and fumes resistance and other equipment such as Passenger Information System, Video entertainment, CCTV, etc.

The first deliveries are scheduled for early 2010.


May 2010: CAF has delivered the first two of 22 three-car air-conditioned EMUs which will work the reconstructed suburban lines from Izmir to Menderes and Aliaga - an 80 km network with 32 stations. The €123m order was placed by Izban, a joint venture of state railway TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in July 2008.

The 25 kV 50 Hz units are 70 m long and 2950 mm wide with stainless steel bodyshells, and are powered by six 270 kW traction motors. Total weight is 192 tonnes and top speed is 140 km/h. The trains have capacity for 741 passengers, including 158 seated, and onboard facilities include passenger information systems, video entertainment and CCTV.


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