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Manufacturer: TÜVASAŞ

12 units(3 cars) built by TÜVASAŞ under license of Rotem in Turkey. The first unit was formaly handed over to TCDD in April 2011. 12 units(4 cars) will complete end of the year 2013. Totally 24 set, 84 cars. Each set is fully motorized in the following configuration: DM+M+DM for 3 car sets, DM+M+M+DM for 4 car sets. This is the 3 sets version of the DM15000

Engine : 750HP (Cummins QSK 19R)
Transmission : 650kw (Voith T312bre)

Max speed: 140 km/h
Steel body
Doors : Plug-in doors
Air Conditioner : 16,700 kcal/h/set
Brake : Knorr pneumatic braking
Bogie : Blosterless Bogie, Out-board type
Doors: slidig plug type

Car length: 26,400 m
Car width: 2,825 m
Car height: 4,050 m

Train set length: 80,1 m

Seats: 198 places, mostly in 2+2 configuration
2 wheel chair places

MT30001, 2011
MT30001, 20111, Photo Cuimins
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