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This page includes all railcars and Multiples Units used by TCDD. Some of them, the early diesel railcars put into service as soon as the 30's may already be obsolete and out of service.

Modern Engine Numbering: explanation of current TCDD numbering system

Electric Multiple Units (EMUs)

PhotoNumberAxleTotal Builtfirst yearPower (KW)Manufacturer & Remark
e8023 sirk1E8000EMU-4301955510Commuter EMU's Alsthom
e14018 i1E14000EMU-3711979520Tüvasas and Groupement 50Hz
e23013 sogutlucesme 2010E23000EMU-33320092.300?Hyundai Rotem
E22000E22000EMU-33320102.200?CAF - Izmir IZBAN sets
E22100E22100EMU-34020142.200?Hyundai Rotem - Izmir IZBAN sets
marmaray 19 AUG bostanci 2MarmarayEMU-58820113.200?Hyundai Rotem
ht65000HT65000EMU-61220094.800CAF - High Speed Train sets
ht80000HT80000EMU-81620138.000Siemens Velaro High Speed Train sets


PhotoNumberTypeTotal Builtfirst yearPower (HP)Manufacturer & Remark
otomotris2x 3 et21-25DMU-151935130MAN
RM3013+RP3023, Burdur 30 October 1990, Photo Marius DeclerckRM3000DMU-1251960300Uerdingen, purchased 1989
mv5100 rl15837 izmir rl 2021-3-1976MV5100DMU-161942210MAN
mt5411 mr404 epMT5400DMU-1201954340SCF Verney
mt5600 haydarpasa etMT5600DMU-1111990550Tüvasas / Fiat
mt5727 selcuk aaMT5700DMU-1301993560Fiat
MF10000MF10000DMU-1   Bagage motor car

Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs)

PhotoNumberTypeTotal Builtfirst yearPower (HP)Manufacturer & Remark
MT5300MT5300DMU-31619511100MAN DH type
 MT30000DMU-3142011 Rotem