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Engine numbering

Engine number are made of one or two letter indicating the broad type of the engine (electric, diesel electric, …) and a road number. The road number is on four or five digits. Block of numbers in sequence are assigned to the same type of engine, for this reason the first number of a sequence can be used as a proxy for an engine class number. For diesel engines, the numbers are often (but not always) indicative of the power in HP.


  • DE24001: class DE24000 (2400 HP)
  • DE18101: class DE18100 (1800 HP)
LetterEngine type
EElectric and EMU
DEDizel Electric (Diesel Electric)
DHDizel Hidrolic (Diesel Hydraulic)
HTHızlı Tren (High speed train)
MTMotor Tren (DMU)
RMRay Motor (DMU)
DMSome of the Rotem DMU are prefix DM instead of MT
DHMDizel Hidrolic Motor (DMU)
MRMotor Römörk (Trailer)
MFMotris Furgon (Self propelled van)
MVMotorlu Vagon?

MT, RM, MV and DHM are used somewhat randomly and sometime concurrently for the same equipment. They all refer to diesel railcars.

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