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DH3601 to DH3624

  • Axle: C
  • Total quantity: 24
  • First year: 1968 (to be confirmed)
  • Manufacturer: Tüvasas / MaK
  • Remark: Shunters,

These locos were built in Turkey by Tüvasas, under a Mak licence.

Repowered with Cummins Diesel model KT1150L in 1980-81

Main characteristics
Power rating13 units: 260 KW / 350 HP
 11 units: 330 KW / 450 HP
Weight37,5 t
Overall length9,3 m
Max Tractive effort 
Max speed 

A DH3600 shunting on Derince port, 5 June 2001. The coupling rod is very visible on this shot. Notice also the open hood once again. Photo Erkan Kiraz

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