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DE33001 to 33089

  • Axle: Co'Co'
  • Total quantity: 89
  • First year: 2003
  • Manufacturer: Tülomsaş / General Motors (USA)
  • Remark: GM Type G26CW-2


DE33000 is an EMD (Electro Motive Division) type GT26CW-2. At the time of the first delivery in 2003, EMD was part of General Motors but EMD was sold to Caterpillar in 2012. The DE33000 were built under EMD license by Tülomsaş in Eskişehir.

The GT26 is a well proven diesel locomotive and the export version of the SD40-2. The GT26 was exported in several countries and is part of the large family of locomotive using the successful 6451 engine. In Turkey, this family was already represented by the DE22000. The DE33000 is very similar to the DE22000 and shares many common parts. The key difference is in the presence of a turbocharger on the DE33000 allowing for a greater power.

The GT26CW-2 is a design dating back to 1972 and was somewhat outdated at the time of the order in 2003. TCDD could have chosen a more modern loco based on the 710 engines, like the JT42CWR, also known as class 66, the most popular EMD loco in Western Europe at the time. Interestingly, TCDD stuck also to the single cab body requiring the engine to be turned when reversed.

The resulting DE33000 is externally very similar to the DE22000, allowing only for minor change and in the body and the frame which is 1,8m longer. The first 6 units were delivered with the same cab as the DE22000 and the same red livery. A second white band was added to help distinguish both locomotives.

From DE33007, the cab design was altered to allow for more space inside the cab. The roof was modified and the small front windows replaced by a single large one. Surely the contort of the cab was improved, but no changes were made to safety despite the numerous level crossing accidents in Turkey. These units received also a new white / blue / red livery. This livery was later applied to DE33001 to 6 as well.

All DE33000 received a dual coupling: the classic buffer / screw and the SA3 automatic coupler which is now used by TCDD on block trains.

The first units were delivered in 2003 to undergo acceptance trials. As of 2004, 6 units were being delivered. The total 1st order was for 65 units, this quantity being then increased to 89. DE33035 was spotted in service in September 2006. DE33065 spotted in the erecting hall at Tülomsaş in May 2008. DE33073 was spotted in Konya in February 2009. DE33075 spotted in Ankara in March 2009. DE33086 spotted in Eskisehir in June 2009. The DE33000 are employed all over Turkey, predominantly on freight traffic.

Main characteristics

GM typeGT26CW-2
Axle arrangementCoCo
Locomotive weight120 t
Axle load20 t
Speed130 km/h (80mph)
Gauge1435 mm
TransmissionElectric with AC to 600V DC conversion
Capacity of fuel tank4500 l. (1200 US gal.)
Diesel engine typeGM 16 645E 3C turbocharged, 2 cycles
Diesel engine power2463 kW / 3300 HP
Number of cylinders16, in V 45° layout
Max speed of diesel engine904 rpm
Min speed of diesel engine316 rpm
Idle speed of diesel engine255 rpm
Main generator typeAR10
Traction motor typeD78B-DC, 6 motors
Traction Motor Power550 kW
Compressor typeWLN 3 Cylinder , water cooled
Auxiliary generator typeCA6A
Overall length20,74 m
Length between buffer beams19,51 m (64')
Length between bogie centers12,50 m (41')
Bogie wheel base3,63 m ( 11' 11'')
Wheel diameter (new)1016 mm (40'')
Exhaust pipe height over rail4,11 m
Dynamic brake height over rail4,04 m
Cabin height over rail3,82 m
Overall width between side handrails2,82 m (9'-03")
Frame width2,74 m
Multiple Unit CapabilityYes
Dynamic BrakingYes


Red livery applied of the first 6 units DE33001 to 6.

White / Blue / red livery applied on all units ex factory from the DE33007 to DE33089. This livery was later applied also to DE33001 to 6.



DE33001 factory picture. Photo Tumlosas, col. E. Tönük

Photo Christof Hofbauer, 27 July 2012

DE33010 near Aşağıpınarbaşı Photo Christof Hofbauer, 27 July 2012, www.bahnbilder.ch

Photo Christof Hofbauer, 11 August 2011

DE33067 near Eskiköy. Photo Christof Hofbauer, 11 August 2011, www.bahnbilder.ch


1 see in Wikipedia the description of the 645 engine

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