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DH7001 to DH7020

  • Axle: C
  • Total quantity: 20
  • First year: 1994
  • Manufacturer: Tülomsaş
  • Remark: Cummins Engine KTTA19L , Voith turbo transmission
  • All engines of this class bear of plate "Yunus Emre"
Main characteristics
Power rating520 KW / 710 HP
Weight51 t
EngineCummins KTTA19L
Overall length10,18 m
Max Tractive effort 
Max speed40 Km / h

DH7002 doing a shunting job at Afyon, July 2001, Photo Gökan Tunçbilek


DH7011 at Ankara depot. October 2002. Photo Derya Ferendeci.

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