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DH11501 to DH11515

  • Axle: B'B'
  • Total quantity: 15
  • First year: 1960
  • Manufacturer: MaK, Jung, Esslingen
  • Remark: DB class V100, then 211.
  • Engine: Daimler Benz MB820Bb, transmission: Voith L216rs


These engines, built by DB in 1960, were at first rented by TCDD in October 1982. Subsequently, TCDD purchased them in August 1985. Most of the DH11500 are now retired, except for a few units that might still be available for service.


TCDD numberDB original numberDB 1968 renumberingManufacturer
DH11501V100 1067211067Mak
DH11502V100 1071211071Mak
DH11503V100 1078211078Mak
DH11504V100 1086211086Mak
DH11505V100 1095211095Mak
DH11506V100 1337211337Jung
n/a (*)V100 1339211339Jung
DH11507V100 1340211340Jung
DH11508V100 1342211342Jung
DH11509V100 1348211348Jung
DH11510V100 1351211351Jung
DH11511V100 1352211352Jung
DH11512V100 1353211353Jung
DH11513V100 1354211354Jung
DH11514V100 1364211364Esslingen

(*) 211 339 returned to Nürnberg after being on fire, withdrawn 28 June 1985

Main characteristics

Power rating  810 KW / 1100 HP
Weight68 t
Overall length12,10 m
Max Tractive effort 
Max speedlow gear: 40 km / h
 High gear : 80 km /h



DH11500 diagram


DH11510 - 8 Aug 1983
DH11510, Esme, 8 Aug 1983
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