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DH9501 to DH9526

  • Axle: Bo'Bo'
  • Total quantity: 26
  • First year: 1999
  • Manufacturer: Tülomsas
  • Remark: Diesel engine type MTU 8V 396 TC 13, Hydraulic transmission

This unit is an hydraulic version of the DE11000, built by Tülomsas.

Main characteristics
Power rating700 KW / 950 HP
Weight68 t
Overall length13,25 m
Max Tractive effort 
Max speedlow gear: 40 km / h
 High gear : 80 km /h

DH9526, Konya, October 2005, Photo G. Tunçbilek


DH9500 at Derince, 7 July 2001. A nice spotless blue livery. Photo Erkan Kiraz


DH9515 on duty a Ankara Marsandiz yard. 4 November 2003. Photo JP Charrey


DH9506 being hauled by DE24398, Afyon July 2001. Photo G. Tunçbilek


Again DH9056, Afyon July 2001. Photo G. Tunçbilek

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