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TCDD modern engines

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This section includes all the non-steam engines used by TCDD

Except for two engines, the last series of steam engines was delivered to Turkey in 1949, the 56300 "Skyliner" from Vulcan Foundry. Soon after, in 1953, TCDD got its first diesel engines, shunting engines from Mak. In 1955, the first electric engines from the 50 Hz group arrived under the new 25KV catenary in Istanbul. This electrification was the first suburban line ever to be in electrified in 50Hz, now a common standard. TCDD major dieselisation program occurred in the 1970's with massive delivery of DE24000.

Just like the Decapod were queens of the Turkish steam, the main line diesel fleet is almost exclusively made of CoCo. Most of the diesels are single cab, more in American style than European. Still, two engines in front plus a banking of two engines are needed to handle heavy freight trains up the heaviest gradients.

TCDD was among the first countries in the world to choose 25KV 50Hz electrification after the experiments done in France in the early 50's. It started out modestly with Istanbul suburb line on the European side (Sirkeci to Halkali). It was later extended to the suburb line on the Asian side (Haydarpasa to Gebze ant then Adapazari) as well Ankara suburbs (Sincan to Kayas). See the history page for further details.

When one looks at TCDD, it usually sees a German type railway. But suddenly, when the electrification arrived, the networks started looking very French. Indeed, TCDD purchased the 25KV, 50Hz technology in 1955 from the 50Hz group, a consortium of companies that was lead by Alsthom and Jeumont, two French companies. They brought in SNCF type catenary design and rolling stock. Subsequent electrification works were done by various contractors, but still based on SNCF' design, albeit adapted to local requirements.


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Electric Locomotive

 NumberAxleTotal Builtfirst yearPower (KW)Manufacturer & Remark
e4000 hal1E4000Bo'Bo'319551620Alsthom
e400000 ga fE40000B'B'1519692945Groupement 50Hz
e43000E43000Bo'Bo'Bo'4519873180Toshiba and Tülomsas
e52509 fE52500Bo'Bo'2019983860Koncar, similar to HZ 1141.3
 E68000?Bo'Bo'80  Hyundai Rotem

Diesel Locomotives

 NumberAxleTotal BuiltFirst yearPower (KW)Power (HP)Manufacturer & Remark
de11000 df1DE11000Bo'Bo'8519857801065Krauss-Maffei
de18003 selcuk aa2DE18000Bo'Bo'5197013201800SMTE
de18103 basDE18100A1A'A1A'20197813201800SMTE
de20002 ankara1969 pwDE20000Co'Co'5195713201800General Electric, type U18C
de21506 karabuk pwDE21500Co'Co'40196515802150General Electric, type U20C
de22020 pwDE22000Co'Co'86198516202200General Motors, type G26CW
de24227 basDE24000Co'Co'418197017602400SMTE
de33001 tulomsasDE33000Co'Co'89200324633300General Motors, type G26CW
 DE36000Co'Co'202014  GE Powerhaul, type PH37ACi
dh33100 ekDH3600C241968260350MaK
 DH4100B11960300410Jenbach DH400C
 DH6000B11959445610Jenbach DH600C
DH65 17 Egirdir 1989090921 1000DH6500C401960480650Shunters Similar to DB 360
dh7002 gt0044DH7000C201994522710Tülomsas (Cummins engine)
dh11000 blue ekDH9500Bo'Bo'261999700950Tülomsas
DH11510 Esme 19830808 lgDH11500B'B'1519608101100Acquired second hand DB 211 (V100) in 1982
dh27003 rh01DH27000CC31961  Krauss-Maffei
dh33118 hal1DH33100C381953260350MaK
 DH44100D61955590800MaK similar to DB 265 (V65)


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