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Home > Traction > DE11000

DE11001 to DE11085

  • Axle: Bo'Bo'
  • Total quantity: 85
  • First year: 1985
  • Manufacturer: Krauss-Maffei, Tülomsaş
  • Diesel engine type MTU 8V396TC13,

Two type of transmission exist for this engines, thus making two sub series. The first 15 engines have an AC generator and DC motors, the remaining units have an AC generator and AC motors. Some of the units have electric train heating equipment (ETH).

The first 20 locos were built by Krauss-Maffei. The remaining 65 were built under licence by Tülomsaş.

Engine numbersTransmission typeMotor type
DE 11 001-10AC - DC transmission GEC DC traction motors
DE 11 011-15AC - DC transmission BBC DC traction motors
DE 11 016-50AC - AC transmission GEC AC traction motors
DE 11 051-85AC - AC transmission ABB AC traction motors, type 6FRA 3363

Main characteristics

Power rating785 KW / 1065 HP
Weight68 t
Overall length13,25 m
Max Tractive effort225 KN
Max speed80 km/h
DE11000 at Erzincan

DE11000 at Erzincan. This loco has ETH. January 2001, Photo Derya Ferendeci

DE11033 at Divrigi

DE11033 at Divrigi. This loco has no ETH. January 2001, Photo Derya Ferendeci

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