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Home > Traction > DE22000

DE22001 to DE22086

  • Axle: Co'Co'
  • Total quantity: 86
  • First year: 1985 / 87
  • Manufacturer: Tülomsaş / General Motors (USA)
  • Remark: GM Type G26CW-2;


These locomotives were assembled in Turkey, by Tülomsaş under a General Motors license. They belong to the large GM family of GT26, the export variant of the hugely popular GP38. They have a diesel engine type GM 16 645 E (16 cylinders, direct injection), an AC alternator type AR10/D18 and a DC electric traction motors: D77-DC.

The main design change is the addition of a multiple unit (MU) capability on some unit. The MU socket is located above the number plate, in front of the cab. Another minor design change is the shape of the buffers. Early units have original GM oval shape buffers. Later unit have Tülomsaş rectangle shape buffer.


  • A green livery was used on some engines but dropped quickly. DE22046, DE22051 are confirmed in green livery in the mid 1990s. The body is green, the frame, under frame and roof are silver gray. The current livery is all red except the frame, the under frame and the roof which are silver. This livery is the most commonly seen.
  • The red livery has two known variants:
    • For some engines, the roof is painted red instead of silver. This seems to be an early livery set to disappear.
    • DE22075 has 2 a blue lines all around the body, one just above the frame, another below the roof.

Red livery:

Green livery

Main characteristics

Power rating1620 KW / 2200 HP
Weight118 t
Overall length18,94 m
Engine typeGM 16 645E
AC Alternator typeAR10/D18
Traction motors typeD77-DC
Max Tractive effort440 KN
Max speed120 Km/h


TCDD numberGM NumberYearRemark
DE22001 to DE22039838074-1 to 391985 
DE22040 to DE22044848001-1 to 51985PKD
DE22045 to DE22051849001-1 to 71987PKD
DE22052 to DE22071879004-1 to 291988PKD
DE22072 to DE22086879004-21 to 351989PKD


DE22049 leaving Polcatli on train to Izmir. 2006. Recording Phil Wormald


DE22000 entering Ankara station. The second car is a electric generator car for ETH. Ankara, 14 November 2003. Photo JP Charrey DE22000 pulling a work train, long hood forward. Ankara, 14 November 2003. Photo JP Charrey Unknown DE22000 seen near Yenice. This pictures shows very well the roof of the engine. Photo Bob(?) Another unknow DE22000 banking an iron ore freight. Notice the headlight on although this is the rear of the train. Güneş, 8 January 2001. photo Derya Ferendeci Two DE22000 seen from the back, at the entrance of Ankara shed. October 2002 Photo Derya Ferendeci DE22000 being serviced. October 2002 Photo Derya Ferendeci DE22001 hauling the eastbound Dogu Express in Ankara. July 2001. This unit has the "red roof" livery. photo Gökçe Aydın The cab end and bogie of DE22001. This close up pictures shows the TCDD logo on the nose of the engine. This deco seems to be specific to this particular unit. July 2001. photo Gökçe Aydın DE22017 DE22020. Photo Phil Wormald DE22023 on Ezurum Kars Karma, at Soğanlı. 29 September 2001, 7H45. Photo Stan Lelan, courtesy of Phil Wormald DE22023 on Ezurum Kars Karma, at Soğanlı. 29 September 2001, 7H45. Photo Stan Lelan, courtesy of Phil Wormald DE22051 near Zonguldak, September 2001. Photo Stan Lelan, courtesy of Phil Wormald DE22056 in Kars, May 2002. Photo Steve Worthy Ankara, 8 November 2000, 11H45: DE22057 just pulled in the Doğu Express from Kars. She will be uncoupled and E43037 will take over to Istanbul. This unit has the "red roof" livery. Photo JP Charrey DE22069 leading the arriving Ankara Express on 28 February 2007. On this day, DE22069 took over the train from E43037 because a catenary works. DE22075 at Türkalı, near Zonguldak, 26 September 2001, 13h15. This unit has the "blue line" livery. Photo Stan Lelan, courtesy of Phil Wormald DE22076 fresh from overhaul, now ready to go the paint shop. Ankara, 4 November 2003. Photo JP Charrey DE22086 stripped out during overhaul at Ankara. 4 November 2003. Photo JP Charrey

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