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5 MW Hyundai Rotem loco

Hyundai Rotem signed a contract to supply state railway TCDD with 80 electric locomotives. The electrical equipement will be supplied by Skoda Electric. The brake system is supplied by Knorr Bremse, including auxiliary compressor.

Eight of the 5 MW locomotives will be manufactured by Hyundai Rotem, with the rest to be assembled locally in co-operation with Tülomsas for delivery by the end of 2014.

The order is worth a total of US$330m, with Islamic Development Bank providing US$220m.

the first loco should start commissioning test in early 2013.

Axle configuaration: BoBo
Max speed: 140 km/h
Weight 88t
compressor: Knorr Bremse oil free W270-T

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